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The Radiance Technique International Association
Weber Ray
Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho
1: 20.08.1978
2: 02.10.1978
3: 01.09.1979
Mikao Usui;
Chujiro Hayashi;
Hawayo Takata
Barbara Weber Ray was born in Houston, Texas, in 1941 and grew up in Chicago, New York and Florida.
The Radiance Technique International Association, Inc. (TRTIA).

1980 The American Reiki Association is founded by Barbara Weber Ray and Hawayo Takata.

Barbara Weber
She obtained her Ph.D. in Humanities and for some reason unknown to me, changed her last name to Ray - so now she is known as Dr. Barbara Weber Ray. She created a new system of Reiki that has 7 levels and is called The Radiance Technique. She claims that Hawayo Takata secretly trained her (and none of the other 21 masters) in the full 7 levels of the Reiki System before making her transition. (Barbara stated in her 1st Edition book that there are only 3 levels in the Reiki system. So it appears that four were added later. Also, I met a master student of Barbara's several years ago, she told me that when she took the training from Barbara, that Barbara had recently changed the number of levels from 3 to 4. The master level was split into 2 parts, like 3a and 3b. 3a was free at that time. I assume this was around the mid 80's when Barbara trained this master. I'll see if I can contact her again.) Barbara received her first degree on August 20th, 1978, her second degree on October 2nd, 1978, and her Master level on September 1st, 1979. You can view her Reiki certificates, which are scanned in and posted on her web site at http://www.trtia.org/histpers.html. She founded the American Reiki Association, Inc. in 1980. Later (around 1982-83) the name changed to the American-International Reiki Association, Inc. (A.I.R.A). Now her organiziation is called The Radiance Technique International Association, Inc. (TRTIA). This is a not-for-profit organization that reflects the planetary outreach of Reiki (Radiance Technique). She has also written several books on Reiki, one entitled The Reiki Factor (later the title was changed to The Reiki Factor in the Radiance Technique. Revised and Expanded Edition.
Практикующие Рэйки, Практикующие Мастера Рэйки
Мастера-Учителя Рэйки, Традиционные и Нетрадиционные Школы Рэйки

«РЭЙКИ» состоит из двух японских иероглифов: «РЭЙ» и «КИ»
«РЭЙ»: Дух, Духовный, Божественный, Универсальный
«КИ»: Энергия, Движущая Сила, Свет, Форма Несущая Содержание
Первичная Божественная Энергия
Универсальная Жизненная Энергия
Универсальная Жизненная Сила
Рэйки является духовным учением и многомерной целительной практикой.
Энергия Рэйки обладает высшим сознанием, существует вне религий и прекрасно уживается с любой из них.
Традиционные школы: (названия других школ относятся к нетрадиционным)
1. Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho / Рэйки Усуи Шики Риохо (Западная традиционная школа Рэйки / Traditional Western Reiki)
Духовная Линия Передачи: Dr. Mikao Usui --> Dr. Chujiro Hayashi --> Hawayo Takata --> 22 (Мастера-Учителя)
2. Reiki Usui Ryoho / Рэйки Усуи Риохо (Японская традиционная школа Рэйки / Traditional Japanese Reiki)
яп. Shoden (Первая ступень, Контактное Рэйки)
яп. Okuden (Вторая ступень, Интуитивное Рэйки)
яп. Shinpiden (Третья ступень (в некоторых школах 3A), Практикующий Мастер)
яп. Shihan (Четвертая ступень (в некоторых школах 3B и 3C), Мастер-Учитель)
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